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 The Bright Ideas in Health Awards is a competition organised by NHS Innovations North which is a service delivered by RTC North Limited on behalf of the Academic Health Science Network North East and North Cumbria.

This year’s awards include two new categories: SME Innovation in Healthcare, sponsored by Onyx Health and the Patient and Public Involvement category, sponsored by the Clinical Research Network: North East and North Cumbria, which aims to shine the spotlight on those improving healthcare through clinical research and patient engagement.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by TV presenter Kim Inglis and speakers will include, Mike Bewick, Medical Director NHS North of England and Deputy Medical Director England;Tilly Hale from LIVErNORTH (a regional liver patient support group); Ken Bremner Chief Executive of City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust; Richard Kirk, Chief Executive of Polyphotonix;Gordon Ollivere, Chief Executive of RTC North Ltd and Bob Paton, Managing Director of Accenture.

The finalists in the five categories are:

Service Improvement

 ·         CRESTA Fatigue Clinic -Professor Julia Newton, Honorary Consultant Physician at The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
·         Care Closer to Home Protocol for Prostate Cancer Patients – Lorraine Montgomery, Specialist Nurse Practitioner Urology at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.
·         Services for Children and Young People with Type 1 Diabetes - Liz Allan, Telehealth Engagement Lead at NHS England.
·         Integrated Partnership Pathway for Neuro Rehabilitation -David Muir, Directorate Manager at Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust and Boda Gallon, CEO, Keiro Group.

Innovative Technology or Device

·         Dementia Patients Undergoing X-Ray – Karen Ainsworth, Sister at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
·         Migraine Therapy – DrJitkaVanderpol, Consultant Neurologist at Cumbria Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust.
·         Non-Nutritive Chewing- SaskiaGrassie, Children's Occupational Therapist at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.
·         Audiology Testing for Neonates- Lynn Pattison, Back Care Advisor at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.

CCG Innovation within Primary Care

·         Improving Dementia Care in General Practice- Sheinaz Stansfield, Practice Manager, Gateshead CCG.
·         Community Pulmonary Embolism Support-DrRashpal Singh, South Tees CCG.
·         Improving Access and Management of Long Term Conditions in General Practice-Sheinaz Stansfield, Practice Manager, Gateshead CCG.
·         GP Practice Clinical Commissioning Project - Bev Lockett, Delivery Project Officer, Gateshead CCG.

SME Innovation in Healthcare

·         Low Dose X-Ray Imaging- Neil Loxley, CEO, IBEX Innovations Ltd. County Durham.
·         REACH, CBT Programme for Alleviating Anxiety in COPD Patients - Alison Gardiner, CEO, Rubrum Limited, Newcastle.
·         Sleep Mask for Diabetic Patients with Sight Complications - DrRichard Kirk, CEO, PolyPhotonix Ltd, County Durham.
·         Custom Made Foot Orthoses - Heather Peacock, Peacocks Medical Group, Newcastle.

 Patient and Public Involvement – Making Research Better, sponsored by CRN: North East and North Cumbria and AHSN NENC

·         Mental Health Service User Led Research and Evaluation - Dr Toby Brandon, Reader in Mental Health, Northumbria University.
·         Online Course to Educate and Empower People Regarding Falls - Dr James Frith, Geriatrician/NIHR Clinician Scientist, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
·         Development of a Test for Amblyopia and Strabismus - Dr Kathleen Vancleef, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Newcastle University.
·         The Durham Constipation Service - Professor Yan Yiannakou, Consultant Neurogastroenterologist and Director of Research & Development, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.

To find out more about the awards, which is sponsored by the AHSN NENC, Archer IP, RTC North Ltd, Onyx Health and ERDF, and to secure a table at the event, visit email

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